About Us

Welcome to Tinytails!

What are the chances when four incredible women with the intent of helping kids come together and decide to do something? They created a wonderful place for kids where kids would say, “I Don’t want to go home”

Ujjwala, Sushma, Chaitra and Sneha wanted to do something unique and convenient for parents and kids and that is when Tiny Tails happened! We, at Tiny Tails, assure you that it is an incredible and fun-filled place to be. We have carefully crafted the place to suit the kids’ growing needs. The 7,000 SF facility is filled with one of a kind activities in Bengaluru, like interactive slides, an enormous play structure, photo shoot facility. Staying true to no digital addiction we have come up with moral classes and yoga lessons to stay close to our roots in this hyper modernizing era. Our art and fitness classes are a great fetch for the kids. What is better than having fitness classes for parents as well? Tiny Tails provides just that and more- We also provide yummy and nutritious food that, your kids will not want to go home after spending time here. We know parents would enjoy the amicable ambiance and watch their kids as they discover themselves…

Our Founders


Ujjwala Janardhan

Brain Tail

She is adventurous and wanderlust! She is someone who has reached mountains but is always close to her roots. Being a state level casio player, she is innovative, she is brave and she believes in keeping the culture intact.


Sneha D M

Zealous Tail

She loves her life and is full of positive vibes. Finding happiness and positivity in every situation is how she lives her life. She is very sportive and has a go-getter attitude all the time.



Exquisite Tail

She is a diligent entrepreneur. Her passion for riding bikes and traveling is endless.  She loves multi-tasking and she is certainly good at it. She is a designer herself and is very fond of decorating her surrounding.


Chaitrashree S

Creative Tail

She is a creative soul. Her eyes seek out for art and designs wherever she goes.  Her curiosity for things lets her come up with creative ideas and designs.

Also supported by

Sathvik Vishwanath
Nandish Yadalam

We are moving on from your hearts for good we have engaged ourself in the different business module so we are looking for people who can take over our ready business and strike a deal with us please contact us for more details