Moral Classes

Tiny Tails has Magic touch classes. Magictouch is a worldwide chain of value education and self-development classes for children aged 4 to 8 years.

Magictouch was designed with the aim of unfolding divinity in little hearts. It believes in inculcating values, thus inspiring and transforming lives. Through the character building education offered through 1-hour weekly classes at Magictouch, children are able to build a strong foundation, which enables them to meet life as truly compassionate, courageous, responsible and confident individuals. We at Tiny Tails are happy that we provide this opportunity to kids which will help them in the long run.

Here, the children are introduced to the lives of Spiritual Masters and great personalities belonging to various religious traditions the world over, using fun-filled interactions and innovative, captivating teaching techniques like audio-visuals, skits, puppet shows, worksheets, creativity, quizzes, animations and PowerPoint presentations etc. designed to reinforce what the child has learnt in class. The programme is formulated to help synchronise the child’s body, mind and soul and channelise his energy into constructive thought and action.

Smita Jayesh Mehta

Bangalore Centre Head of Magic Touch

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