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Name: Himalaya Digyton Drops – 30ml

Description: Himalaya Digyton Drops is a natural herbal supplement that helps to promote digestive health. It is formulated with a blend of herbs that help to improve digestion, reduce bloating and gas, and support the body’s natural digestive processes. The drops are easy to take and can be added to water or juice for a convenient and tasty way to get the digestive benefits of herbs.

Ingredients: Each 5ml of Himalaya Digyton Drops contains extracts of:

• Terminalia chebula (Haritaki)
• Emblica officinalis (Amla)
• Zingiber officinale (Ginger)
• Piper nigrum (Black Pepper)
• Piper longum (Long Pepper)
• Cuminum cyminum (Jeera)
• Trachyspermum ammi (Ajwain)
• Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom)
• Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice)

Nutritional Value: Not available

Instructions: Take 5ml of Himalaya Digyton Drops twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Add the drops to a glass of water or juice and stir before drinking.

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